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If you are in need of furniture for any room in your home, feel free to send a message or call us at 800-963-7224.

We’re here to help, and we enjoy getting to know our customers personally. Erik Organic is a small business that takes great pride in the satisfaction of each of our customers, so we have no place
for high-pressure sales tactics!


Free Design Consultation

We can offer you a variety of free services to help you discover furniture that fits your home and family. Our experts can advise on everything from styledesign and color to things like durability and safety concerns. They can help ensure your furniture is the appropriate size for your space and needs,match existing pieces in your home, and create designs that meet special needs. At Erik Organic, we are passionate about creating furniture that fulfills all of your needs and wishes!



We have several free options to help make your furniture selection easier. After a color consultation, we can send you free hard wood samples that allow you to see your finish options and ensure a match with decor and existing pieces. If your consultation resulted in the creation of a unique piece, our designer can create a free computer-generated mockup to help envision the final product. We can create a free overhead plan of your space to ensure a good fit, and if you provide a photo of the space where your furniture will be located, we can even create a free 3-D visualization of how the new furniture might look there! And finally, we can send you accuratecustom quotes based on the options you select.


Order Your Custom Furniture

We make ordering custom furniture easy. Our helpful staff is there to guide you every step of the way. Remember that there are no design fees when you order a custom piece of furniture from Erik Organic because everything we build is custom.

When you order your Erik Organic furniture, it will be built shortly after the order is placed and shipped straight from the workshop. There are no factories or warehouses—each piece is handcrafted the old-fashioned way by an expert Amish craftsman in the USA.


Enjoy Your New Family Heirloom

We guarantee your satisfaction 100%. Erik Organic is proud to offer beautiful custom furniture built with quality to last for generations. Just give us a call to get started on custom furniture that fits your life!




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